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I'm Lihué, a 30-something artist living in L.A. with my husband Richard. I grew up in Mendoza, Argentina, moved to Houston, TX when I was 15 and later went to the University of Houston where I studied Print Journalism. Since I graduated, I've only worked in public relations for non-profits but always had an interest in abstract drawing. After moving to L.A., due to my husband's work, I decided to dive into something new and experiment with abstract painting. At first I decided to teach myself and explore this new path of expression. After an inspiring day at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, I decided to take their classes where I can be surrounded by a stimulating environment.

I am drawn to the emerging velvet colors of nature, the constant flow of the ocean and the late afternoon light. My work is constantly changing as I'm trying to create a dialogue between my ideas and the different ways to execute them in abstract painting. I'm fascinated by this creative and sometimes frustrating process that feels so rewarding in the end.

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